About Us

 My love of painting comes from my deep love of early American history. When I was younger I drew countless pictures depicting battles fought during the Civil War. The barns and houses, once used as a backdrop for my sketches, are now the main subject matter for my paintings. Andrew Wyeth, George Inness, Doug Brega, Gary Stretar, and the Hudson River School Painters have all played a huge role in influencing my style of painting.

Since I am young, I’m still evolving as an artist and experimenting with different techniques and ideas. Currently, I’m finding shadow play quite interesting, and most recent work that I’ve done reflects that. All of my compositions are very simple, lots of space, yet I like to keep the viewer interested by grabbing them with the texture and clean lines of the subject matter.

I live and work in Northeast Ohio. For any questions please see the “Contact” page and send me an e-mail.

Best Of Show, Willoughby Arts Fest

6 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Saw your work in Toledo outdoor show today…,outstanding! …you are going to go a long way. Keep your goals attainable and your attitude positive and may God Bless You!

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  2. Your paintings are awesome Michael. It was a pleasure meeting you at the Medina Art Fest.
    Thank you for taking time to share today. God Bless.


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